Protestors Too Loud to See Themselves

By Jerry Molaison

Watching the ascent of Donald Trump to the presidency is amusing on several fronts. Foremost is Donald Trump calling out his fellow billionaire class for the frauds most of them are, the Fabian crowd who mouth free market platitudes but are petty socialists at heart.
Then we see the true believers, those who are protesting and marching for LGBT rights, women’s rights, and human rights but really have no concept of what exactly is meant by rights, which is admittedly an abstract concept, but at least you would think they could comprehend the term choice.
Historically, Susan B. Anthony and other prim and proper ladies marched for the right to vote. They also marched in favor of temperance and prohibition, but that didn’t work out too well. From that moral high mark in the 20th century, the concept of women’s rights seems to have devolved into the worship of unlimited abortion and the call for ‘free’ contraception, which is more a rejection of motherhood and responsibility than an assertion of independence.
All their slogans and chanting about Trump being a fascist and Hitler amount to what is called, psychologically, a projection. The Nazis killed innocent lives. The abortionists do the same with unborn children. The marchers all support Obamacare. Socialized health care and compulsory insurance began under Imperial Germany and were expanded to become major parts of the National Socialist regime. In essence, the Planned Parenthood brown shirts and those others who “felt the Bern” are scapegoating President Trump with their own un-American philosophical premises. Their ignorance and duplicity are as palpable as a paper mill.
We forget that, for 150 years, freedom in the United States meant a rejection of the concepts of income taxation, welfare, economic regulation, and Social Security. With the adoption of Obamacare in the 21st century, the United States became exactly like Castro’s Cuba, sharing in the ‘blessings’ of income taxation, welfare, economic regulation, social security, and socialized medicine. It is no wonder Obama opened diplomatic relations.
Trump called out the socialists and interventionists. Maybe we can remember what rights and freedom truly are and the corollaries that follow from their correctly defined premises. Restoring Liberty to its rightful understanding would definitely make America great again.

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