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16808496_10158211983145371_372345347_nFlorcita is a 26-year-old Argentinean writer, photographer and blogger with a passion for travel, words, nature and art in all its forms. Vegan. Libertarian. Nomad. A lover of all that is inexplicable and insoluble. She graduated from a Tourism and Hospitality program in Buenos Aires and has been travelling the world ever since. At 26, Flor has already travelled to over 50 countries and learnt 4 languages along the way. She has been chased by shepherd dogs in the Romanian countryside, visited pre-civil war Syria, climbed communist monuments in Albania, crossed Russia from end to end by train, taught English at village schools in the Pacific, seen newborn baby pandas in China, almost fell into the Ganges river (twice), swam in the Dead Sea, and made friends with Australian kangaroos. Now she’s back to her home country, working on her personal literary projects and trying to find her way in The City of Tango again. The most important thing in life for Flor is being able to create for herself a reality that enables her to grow as a writer as well as a human being. Favorite author: Julio Cortázar. Favorite food: Indian. Favorite drink: Mate. Favorite language: Russian.

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image1Colin was born and educated in Scotland and taught in state and independent schools in Scotland and Australia. In the 1970’s he lectured at the England campus of the United States International University and at the School of Teacher Education at Curtin University in West Australia, and then held senior positions in independent schools in Melbourne, as Vice Principal of Scotch College and subsequently for seventeen years as Headmaster of Camberwell Grammar School. He was a Klingenstein Visiting Fellow at Columbia University New York in 1993 and in recent years has been living and working in London. He was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal and a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to education.

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11182221_10205495193913625_4285405750765276234_nJoaquín (proudly human since 1992) is a Mexican philosopher and aesthetician; amateur photographer and drawer; and a writer in process of development. His alma mater is Universidad Panamericana, at Mexico City, and his philosophical interests are mainly focused on philosophy of art and aesthetics. He currently writes in a local newspaper from his native city, Aguascalientes, and from time to time in the Mexican digital magazine “LOGOS”. He is the editor of The Drum section at The Coolidge Review. Also, he is co-founder of NOUS, a student association dedicated to promote the study of philosophy among young people. He is also interested in Philosophy of Religion and Theology.

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Katy grew up in a rural community in Mississippi. When she wasn’t reading or drawing, she was on horseback or helping out around the farm. The lessons she learned in the Southern humidity of a good work ethic and ingenuity still shape her today.  She had the opportunity to go to a private school for her primary education where she participated in assorted extracurricular activities from debate to cross country. For higher education, Katy attended William Carey University in Hattiesburg, MS. Although she accidentally found herself a part of the nursing program, the humanities were not forgotten; she received a Bachelor’s degree in nursing with a minor in history. Katy works as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital. Katy’s personal life motto (although not always actualized) is this: If it doesn’t better the world in some small way, either for you or someone else, then why bother? Her hobbies include traveling, reading, and occasionally writing things. In the meantime, Katy tries not to take herself too seriously.

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Stacey holds a Bachelors Degree and Master’s Degree in History, her emphasis is in the Classical world with particular interest in the religions of the Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman worlds. She was born and raised in Central California and attended University in Mississippi, where she was given the opportunity to travel in the Mediterranean world in professor guided academic courses. Stacey is a conservative in political affiliations even though she finds politics of the ancient world far more interesting and understandable than modern happenings in much the same way modern history is less appealing to her than its ancient counterpart. Stacey is always interested in learning about world cultures, recent archaeological discoveries, and spends much of her time reading, writing, listening to music, and visiting with friends.

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Gabriel is a native of south Mississippi and loves his home.  He is a lifelong conservative and Republican, and dreams of making a difference through conservative principles whether they be economical, philosophical, or social.  He has served on multiple political campaigns including both Governor Phil Bryant’s gubernatorial campaigns, Delbert Hosemann’s Secretary of State campaign, Governor John Kasich’s Mississippi Presidential Campaign team, and various other local campaigns.  He as currently serving as a Field Director for Toby Barker’s campaign for Mayor of the City of Hattiesburg.  Gabe recently finished his term as President of the Student Government Association at William Carey University, where he is also a senior History Major.  While at Carey, he founded the university’s College Republican chapter, and served as Chairman for two years.  In the future, he plans on pursuing a Masters in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate; he plans to work in politics with the ultimate goal of putting principled conservatives in office on the local, state, and national level.  In his spare time, Gabe enjoys all things history; he love archaeology, football, and political dramas.

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brewer2Brewer is a conservative political activist, musician, and student at William Carey University (WCU) in Hattiesburg, MS. At WCU he founded a chapter for “Young Americans for Liberty”(YAL), a conservative activism club dedicated to identifying, educating, and training future conservative leaders. Founding the chapter propelled him into other leadership roles in conservative causes and state and federal campaigns. After working as Outreach Coordinator for Republican Andy Matthews for U.S. Congress in Nevada, he was Youth Director for Republican Congressman Thomas Massie’s 2016 re-election campaign in Kentucky, a campaign which earned 71.3% of the general election vote. He has since helped found the Mississippi Conservatives Club, a local grassroots conservative advocacy group dedicated to creating a principled conservative haven in Mississippi. When he is not plotting to take over the world so he can abolish its taxes, he enjoys playing guitar and writing music for jazz and church music settings. A practicing Catholic Christian, he also crusades against contemporary Christian music in favor of something richer that moves the congregation into deeper worship and prayer.

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12523849_1586622104998716_7677137289473420345_nJessica is working on her associate’s degree in business administration. She plans to transfer to UMASS Dartmouth by next year to obtain her B.A. in marketing. She follows politics closely and with immense interest without feeling a strong connection to any particular party. Jessica resides in Massachusetts, USA. The city’s diversity allows her to see many different cultures and has contributed to her proactive, and somewhat fiery, personality. She is a peer tutor at her community college. Tutoring in the writing center allows her to sharpen her writing skills and collaborate with other great writers at her college, both faculty and students. Her favorite thing about her job is that it isn’t retail! Although she enjoys helping others refine their writing skills, she hopes one day to be a content marketing manager, perhaps at an influential company such as Tesla, with a team of people to lead. A few of her favorite hobbies are kickboxing, painting or drawing, writing poems (especially ones that randomly come to mind at 3AM), taking photos, petting her cats, and showing off her beta fish. Her fish’s name, Stark, was inspired by her favorite T.V. show, Game of Thrones. Along with GOT, she watches Psych, Monk, Community and Rick & Morty. The latter very much speaks to her sarcastic, sardonic personality. Jessica considers herself a foodie so long as it doesn’t have tomatoes in it.

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