Florcita Swartzman

16808496_10158211983145371_372345347_nFlorcita is a 26-year-old Argentinean writer, photographer and blogger with a passion for travel, words, nature and art in all its forms. Vegan. Libertarian. Nomad. A lover of all that is inexplicable and insoluble. She graduated from a Tourism and Hospitality program in Buenos Aires and has been travelling the world ever since. At 26, Flor has already travelled to over 50 countries and learnt 4 languages along the way. She has been chased by shepherd dogs in the Romanian countryside, visited pre-civil war Syria, climbed communist monuments in Albania, crossed Russia from end to end by train, taught English at village schools in the Pacific, seen newborn baby pandas in China, almost fell into the Ganges river (twice), swam in the Dead Sea, and made friends with Australian kangaroos. Now she’s back to her home country, working on her personal literary projects and trying to find her way in The City of Tango again. The most important thing in life for Flor is being able to create for herself a reality that enables her to grow as a writer as well as a human being. Favorite author: Julio Cortázar. Favorite food: Indian. Favorite drink: Mate. Favorite language: Russian.

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