Jessica Kataphotist

12523849_1586622104998716_7677137289473420345_nJessica is working on her associate’s degree in business administration. She plans to transfer to UMASS Dartmouth by next year to obtain her B.A. in marketing. She follows politics closely and with immense interest without feeling a strong connection to any particular party. Jessica resides in Massachusetts, USA. The city’s diversity allows her to see many different cultures and has contributed to her proactive, and somewhat fiery, personality. She is a peer tutor at her community college. Tutoring in the writing center allows her to sharpen her writing skills and collaborate with other great writers at her college, both faculty and students. Her favorite thing about her job is that it isn’t retail! Although she enjoys helping others refine their writing skills, she hopes one day to be a content marketing manager, perhaps at an influential company such as Tesla, with a team of people to lead. A few of her favorite hobbies are kickboxing, painting or drawing, writing poems (especially ones that randomly come to mind at 3AM), taking photos, petting her cats, and showing off her beta fish. Her fish’s name, Stark, was inspired by her favorite T.V. show, Game of Thrones. Along with GOT, she watches Psych, Monk, Community and Rick & Morty. The latter very much speaks to her sarcastic, sardonic personality. Jessica considers herself a foodie so long as it doesn’t have tomatoes in it.